1000 rpm

Designed by Pippa Dickson

80h 1200w 50d

polished aluminium, halogen lights


1000 RPM is a twisted piece of metal that with light hopes to capture the sense of movement inherent in a spinning propeller blade. This is piece designed for long corridor spaces in airports or hotel corridors, there could be many in a line, all at varied angles on the wall which give a sense of movement when one passes them.click for larger image

1000 RPM is made from twisted 3mm aluminium. A series of 1:10 models were made from aluminium flashing and then a number of full scale mock-ups were completed to get the twist right. The piece is then mirror polished by hand, and lights wall mounted.


My work of the past few years has been inspired by elements of aircraft design. I am inspired by the positive associations of transportation and in particular air travel. 1000 RPM came about after being a passenger in a 1943 Auster, and I was mesmerised by the spinning blade in front of us which seemed at once visible and invisible. I knew it was working because I could see it in motion when reflecting the sun light and because we hadnít fallen out of the sky!


The stationary object is such an aesthetic piece, sensuous almost, and the precision engineering of the object is mysterious and captivating - it is the nexus between engineering, design and aesthetics that really intrigues me.


The process of designing and making 1000 RPM is a typical of my process, idea, followed by sketches and models, both scale and full size, before moving on to making (or having made) the final object. I usually have a friend, David Roberts assist with prototyping, particularly when timber is involved.

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